Lyric Fuentes

Design Professional

At Equiterra, Lyric is responsible for the production of drawings and 3D models. She is also currently co-developing our firm’s Revit library. Lyric has worked on a range of projects, from single-family homes in the Cayman Islands to a medical office complex in Albuquerque. She believes that well-crafted spaces can benefit human wellness by encouraging conversations, movement, order, and delight.

Although Lyric originally wanted to be a marine biologist so she could snuggle with sea otters, she chose architecture out of a belief that our environments reflect who we are as people and mold our minds, bodies, and relationships into the shape of those spaces. In her free time, Lyric is typically volunteering in the community, exploring the natural and built environments of the Southwest, or relaxing in the Ojo Caliente hot springs.


Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of New Mexico