Delcie Dobrovolny

Managing Principal

A partner at Equiterra, Delcie oversees the firm’s business operations, including marketing, business development, financial management, and human resources. She has been passionate about sustainability from a young age—as a kid, her father tasked her and her sister with solving global warming, a task she is probably working on right at this moment.

Delcie brings this dedication to the Equiterra studio by advancing regenerative design principles and ensuring that they are in common daily dialogue. She also spearheads the office’s educational program, giving staff the opportunity to increase their expertise in regenerative design and bring this focus to all Equiterra projects.

Additionally, Delcie regularly works to identify and explore new building technologies that have direct application in our architectural solutions and our positive-impact agenda.

When not working on their ongoing home remodel project, Delcie likes to spend her free time exploring remote parts of the planet with her husband, Kent, and their two children. Her particular interest is locations that have unique environmental and cultural history.


Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies and Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder