We Have a New Name & Look


We are thrilled to announce that we have a new firm name, brand identity, and website! EDI (Environmental Dynamics Inc.) is now Equiterra Regenerative Design. (You can call us Equiterra for short).

After 22 years as EDI, we felt it was important to refocus our energy on the values that originally inspired us. “A shared passion for sustainable design brought our group together initially and we’re excited to see how the new brand helps us grow as a thought leaders, reaching more people, and having a greater, lasting impact towards positive change for our environment and communities,” said Kent Beierle, principal and cofounder at Equiterra.

Equiterra, a combination of “equilibrium” and “terra,” means balanced earth and represents the outcome we are working to achieve through regenerative design. Natural systems are constantly adapting and changing in an effort to achieve balance. As sentient beings, we have the unique capacity to create our own destiny: we can choose to continue to extract resources at an unsustainable pace or we can choose to create a future in which humans live in balance with the rest of the natural world.

During the rebranding process, we developed the idea of visually representing the lens through which we make our decisions. “To have a positive impact through our projects and our business practices, we need to constantly be using the lens of regenerative design,” said Delcie Dobrovolny, principal at Equiterra.

Our new look and website were developed under the direction of Charrette Venture Group (CVG), one of the only investment groups focusing on the architecture space. In addition to advising on finance, operations, organizational structure, leadership, and talent recruitment to architectural firms, CVG helps with business development, marketing, and brand design as well.

CVG’s Creative Director, Lisa Saldivar, said, "The Equiterra rebrand was an exploration of how to translate big, innovative ideas into a simple and clean visual language. It was an incredible experience to collaborate with the Equiterra team and we couldn't be more excited with the final designs we built together!"

The rebranding process has infused our firm with fresh energy. “Galvanizing the core values that have always guided us, we hope to reembrace our commitment to a legacy of positive and meaningful change,” said J. Stace McGee, principal and cofounder at Equiterra.

We hope you enjoy looking around our new website, and as always, if you have an architectural project in mind, please feel free to contact us.

Lisa Saldivar