Crystal Harbour

Crystal Harbour embodies the modern Caymanian lifestyle with a minimal environmental impact. The homeowners wanted a design to provide privacy from neighboring properties while capturing views of Governor’s Harbor and embracing their love of the outdoors. A high-performance sustainable home was of equal importance. Inspired by the maritime history of the Cayman Islands, the architecture embraces a nautical theme. From the private dock, the building presents its bold architectural stylings and welcomes visitors inside through richly landscaped gardens. Inside, the clean, contemporary lines of the structure are complimented by the colorful playfulness of finishes and furnishings. The result is a stunningly beautiful home that uses significantly less water than an average home and goes beyond Net Zero by generating more electricity than it consumes.

Project Data

Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
SF: House 6,365, Garage 743
Date Completed: 2017

Sustainability Features:

  • HERS Index score of -13 (This means the home uses 113% less energy than a traditional home and produces more energy than it uses)

  • Reduction of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – 28.5 tons / year

  • Reduction of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) – 104.2 lbs / year

  • Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) – 49.1 lbs / year

  • 22,600-gallon cistern that harvests 100% of rainwater that falls on the roof and provides irrigation for all landscaping

  • Orientation to block undesirable winds

  • Overhangs to provide shade for outdoor living spaces, reduce heat gain and lessen the need for cooling

  • Hidden, 22 kW photovoltaic array to offset electrical costs

  • Electric car charging station powered by PV

  • Vegetated, cellular paving increases permeability and reduces resource use

  • Emphasis on recycled, renewable and non-toxic materials

  • Motorized shades controlled by photocells to reduce solar heat gain

  • • LEED for Homes Gold certified