New Haven

Project Data

Location: Corrales, New Mexico
SF: House 4410, Pool House 364, Garages 1278
Date Completed: 2007

Sustainability Features

  • Passive ventilation

  • Unique cooling system combines evaporative cooling and traditional air conditioning to increase efficiency and decrease construction and operating costs

  • Daylighting

  • Durable finishes

Nestled in a small subdivision in Corrales, New Mexico, this award-winning custom residence epitomizes the architectural style “Contemporary Indigenous” which Equiterra is developing. To maximize energy efficiency, the massing and layout of the home evolved from the relationship of built elements to the site’s natural energies of Wind, Sun, Water and Earth. In addition to the integrated passive elements, the house utilizes a custom designed hybrid mechanical heating and cooling system. Designed for the builder and his family, the home responds to a lifestyle of private elegance and marketing through demonstration. In celebration of the opportunities of year-round outdoor living opportunities, the home has the ability to open up dramatically to a variety of outdoor spaces which are protected by deep portals and screen wall elements.


Su Casa Parade of Homes 2007 Silver Award