Building Design

Equiterra provides design services from initial conceptualization though complete Construction Documents.  Our design process relies on working closely with you to build your project. We design through the lens of regenerative design and while we don’t have a particular style, our focus is on site-specific, climate-driven design. 


Assessment of Place

A critical part of the design process is a thorough understanding of the unique characteristics of the site.  This includes the overall climate, microclimates, topographic and geographic features of place, plants and animals found onsite, views, structures, prevailing winds, solar resources, sea breezes, neighbors, cultural history and contemporary context.  A site and climate assessment is our first step in any design project and can also be provided as a standalone service.


Critical Sustainability Evaluation

An extension of the Assessment of Place, this evaluation looks critically at issues unique to your project and site context.  With this information we can develop a prioritized list of goals to maximize positive impact from your project.


Feasibility Assessment

Equiterra can assist you in understanding the challenges and opportunities in your project.  This assessment would include investigating neighborhood covenants; local governmental restrictions, limitations and incentives; and availability of building materials.  We also provide spatial placement analysis, budgetary assessments, project programming, conceptual design and stylistic visioning.


Client Marketing

Equiterra can assist you in developing visual marketing materials, support graphics and related feasibility information.


Masterplanning and Project Conceptualization

Whether you are planning a single-family residence or a multi-phase large-scale development, starting with an understanding of context at a broad scale is integral for a regenerative project. Equiterra can organize your project goals and parameters to develop initial concepts that will help you create a project strategy.


Financial Incentive Assessment

There are a variety of financial incentives available for sustainable building projects.  Equiterra can help you determine which ones are available for your project and assess their value.  Depending on the program, Equiterra can facilitate the application process or recommend a third party to provide this service.


Green Building Certification Services

There are many third-party “green building” certification programs available. Equiterra can help you understand your options and guide the design and construction process to achieve the certification desired.


Interior Design

From selecting materials and colors to shopping for specific products, Equiterra can assist you in developing a unique and evocative interior environment. We specialize in healthy interior environments that feature non-toxic materials, locally sourced products that minimize environmental impacts.


Design Visualization

To better help you understand the look and feel of your future building we use a variety of techniques including hand-drawn sketches,  computer or hand drawn floor plans, elevations and perspectives, colored renderings, 3D computer generated models and high-resolution renderings, and building fly throughs.


Construction Phase Services

Equiterra provides support to clients and contractors during construction to assist with quality control, interpretation of drawings, and modifications when necessary. We acknowledge that the construction phase is the final evolution of the design and that working closely with the construction team yields a high-quality product.