First Green Bank

The Green Bank world headquarters represent the bank’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The 12,000 sq ft building is 44% more energy efficient than a comparable building and was designed to minimize environmental impact during construction as well as over the life of the building. The design features state-of-the-art daylighting and water catchment/re-use systems; highly efficient building envelope and mechanical systems; site harvested, recycled and rapidly renewable building materials; and a unique interior living wall integrated with the buildings mechanical system to improve and enrich indoor air quality.


“You could run this building off a 9 volt battery,”

-First Green Bank electrician

Project Data

Location: Eustice, Florida
SF: 11,893
Date Completed:  2012

Sustainability Features

  • LEED Platinum certified

  • Underground cistern designed to capture all runoff from the building will provide water for landscape irrigation

  • A second cistern will capture rainwater runoff from all paved and disturbed lands and allow the water to percolate into the ground slowly to recharge the Florida Aquifer

  • Estimated water savings of 54,000 gallons annually (79% reduction)

  • Collection of HVAC condensate

  • Interior living wall for beauty and improved indoor air quality

  • Highly efficient building envelope, mechanical system and solar photovoltaic system reduce energy use by 49%

  • Nontoxic finishes

  • Emphasis on recycled, rapidly renewable and locally made construction materials

  • Bicycle storage and showers encourage employees to ride to work

  • Designated parking for carpooling and alternative fuel vehicles

  • Dark Sky friendly lighting

  • 75% reduction in construction waste