Gunbarrel Veterinary Clinic

Project data

Location: Boulder, Colorado
SF: 6,505
Date Completed: 2004

Sustainability Features

  • Natural Daylighting and Energy-efficient lighting

  • Durable, low to no-maintenance finishes

  • Nontoxic materials used where possible

  • Rainwater catchment for landscape irrigation

  • Native landscaping reduces the need for irrigation

  • Building materials salvaged from site

  • Effective noise control measures eliminate kennel noise throughout the facility

  • Mechanical system designed to control odor

Gunbarrel Veterinary Clinic, located outside Boulder, Colorado, was designed to integrate with the agrarian context of the site and reflect the client’s practice philosophy, “Treat my patients well, treat my clients well, practice good medicine, and above all, care greatly about what we do.”. Celebrating a contemporary farmhouse aesthetic, the building was designed around an existing grain silo which was a local landmark. An inviting and comfortable waiting area is accented by wood reclaimed from the old barn structure on site and incorporates a children’s play nook and viewing of cat boarding. A bank of comfy exam rooms buffers the open clinical floor plan in the treatment area where staff enjoy an unobstructed view throughout their primary work area. Natural lighting and strategically located clinic functions allows for a bright, spacious interior.