In 2006 we purchased and renovated an office complex to illustrate the practical application of sustainable design. A living example of our values, Âo (eco-office) demonstrates the adaptive reuse of an existing office building into highly sustainable building. Design, LEED® consulting and construction were accomplished in-house. What started out as a windowless concrete block building is now an engaging example of how existing structures can be imbued with new spirit that contributes positively to the occupants, the economy, and the environment. After more than a decade, our building continues to serve as a learning tool for raising public awareness of sustainable and regenerative building practices in addition to urban and community revitalization.

Project Data

Location:  Albuquerque, New Mexico
SF: 7,438 with five suties
Date Completed: 2006

Sustainability Features

  • LEED-NC (New Construction) Gold certified

  • LEED EBOM (Operations and Maintenance) Platinum certified

  • Energy Star certified

  • Low-water green roof vegetated with native plants

  • Innovative lime stucco application (manufactured from regional and recycled materials) reduces heat island effect

  • Daylighting eliminates need for all artificial lighting during the day

  • Low-flow fixtures reduce water use by 30%

  • Building materials that are non-toxic, salvaged, rapidly renewable, regionally manufactured and have high recycled content

  • 85% of waste generated during construction was reused on site or was recycled or donated to organizations like Habitat for Humanity

  • A 3.2 kW photovoltaic array offsets plug loads from edi’s office operations